Dr. Leslie Hewitt

Dr. Leslie Hewitt is the CEO of The WOW Factor and creator of the WOW Conference. She is facilitating the co-creative efforts of other female doctors and practitioners that are discouraged with the current sick care system. Dr. Hewitt’s life work is to remind people that healing is an inside job. Her experience as a speaker, author, entrepreneur, chiropractor, aerobics instructor, and yoga teacher has inspired her to invite other women to join the WOW vision and purpose.   She owns Anatomy Power Wellness Studio in Blackhawk, Danville CA and continues to see patients in her boutique concierge private practice.

The Journey

Dr. Hewitt has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and pre-med from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. She has a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco Bay Area. She worked in corporate america for 10-years doing finance and owned two fitness management companies.  She has over 30-years of experience as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.  She has 200-hours in yoga teacher training and walks the talk. She is a leader with the California Chiropractic Association and politically involved at the highest level in her profession.  Her life’s work finally brings it all together in a congruent message with a clear vision and she calls it WOW!

What is The WOW Factor?

Dr. Hewitt shines the spotlight on women because she knows when women connect, collaborate, and celebrate from their authentic guidance, a tribe-like community emerges that is safe and supportive.  Her vision for a Women of Wellness network is guaranteed to give women information to make informed choices and empower women in leadership to heal the planet. If you are interested in contacting Dr. Hewitt, please email her personally at DrHewitt@thewowfactor.co  with WOW Conference in the subject line.

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