Our Team

Dr. Leslie Hewitt – CEO

CEO of The WOW Factor and Founder of the WOW Conference, Dr. Hewitt is concerned about the choices women are making for their healthcare. She developed a creative way to inspire women.  Collaborating with like-minded healthcare providers, politicians, and healers that share her vision is the WOW Conference.  Dr. Hewitt  is facilitating the co-creative efforts of other doctors and practitioners that are discouraged with the current sick care system. She shares the philosophy of the mind-body-spirit principle and explains the power that made the body heals the body. Dr. Hewitt’s life work is to remind people that healing is an inside job. She owns Anatomy Power Wellness Studio in Blackhawk, Danville CA and continues to see patients in her private boutique concierge practice.



Jennifer Rathbun – Student Liaison

Jennifer is a Chiropractic Intern that approached Dr. Hewitt in the Fall of 2012 looking for mentorship. Jennifer decided to switch careers after discovering her desire to heal people from the inside out. She is motivated to do the inner work required to be the best doctor when she graduates in one more year. In the meantime, she is the liaison for WOW to assist younger women into the WOW mentorship program and inspire others to participate full-on despite all the hurdles that present from day to day. We are thrilled to have such a beautiful and enthusiastic student join our WOW team.




 Dr. Melanie Barker – Ambassador Leader

Dr. Barker grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and originally planned to teach elementary school. Her career focus changed only months before graduating from the University of British Columbia after reading an article that claimed properly prescribed medications caused complications due to medical errors were responsible for the leading cause of death in the United States. She began to ask questions. When she started asking questions she couldn’t stop. She leads our Ambassadors at the FASTEST growing women’s network and WOW conference. She brings a fiery determination to help spread the message about living life with unbridled passion, love and health.




Dr. Nateja Tomsin - Team Leader

Dr. Tomsin joins Anatomy Power Chiropractic Wellness Studio as a Doctor of Chiropractic and The WOW Factor team of women of wellness. Dr. Tomsin assists at WOW headquarters with behind-the-scenes administration required to ensure our conferences are organized with a feminine flair. She is busy building her Practice and getting out into the Danville and San Ramon area to make connections, share the story of WOW, and invite other women to participate fully so they too are informed about the truth. The truth to Dr. Tomsin includes living a holistic life. She is excited to meet more women that are on the path to wholeness and she loves to spread the news about the WOW conferences.



Ruthie Sanftner – Intern

As an Intern and Team Member, Ruthie supports WOW by working in customer service, attending staff meetings, and overseeing tasks of administration and registration. Ruthie is also a key woman in the WOW event crew to ensure our conferences are special events for all the women who attend. Ruthie steps in wherever needed – whether she is an usher, assistant for the vendors, working at the registration desk, or dancing in the flash mob – Ruthie adds value and joy wherever she is.

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