The Wow Factor

Exciting News: We are changing from The WOW Factor to The WOW Talks?

Mission: Promote empowered leadership for women in healthcare, politics, and business through education, advocacy and accountability.

Vision: We provide a safe and supportive environment for women to connect, collaborate and celebrate with resources to make informed choices.

2014-15 Goals:
1. Advocacy: Advancing women to roles of leadership.
2. Professional Development: WOW is the trusted resource for training and education.
3. Public Awareness: Promote awareness for women to make informed choice.
4. Leadership: Sustaining the resources and leadership to empower women.


We are growing so fast that we decided to change our name to match the growth. We are converting The WOW Factor to The WOW Talks! Our stage is a platform for speakers to “Speak the Truth”. The truth is that inner experience that reminds you that you have innate wisdom. Discover how to live authentically through your own unique gifts with an elevated heart-centered reality. Together we will capture the moments you live for. The WOW Talks are unfolding beautifully.  The WOW Talks is a truth forum to share spirit, love, joy, appreciation, gratitude, and some of our speakers are controversial so be ready to shift your beliefs.  Join the fastest growing speaking platform to inspire others with your truth.


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