Health is …

Health is when you have clarity about your life, energy to do the mundane things daily without hesitation,  vitality after a long day to go the extra mile with yourself, your friends, and your family and not just once in a while but every day, creativity to plan more projects on top of your already overwhelming workload, and you give yourself persmission to be still and do nothing when that is the voice of your inner spirit requesting that you listen. You are availabile and present in each moment as it presents itself whether it be adversity or a great sunset, you make great choices that lead you to the next platform of life revealing a brand new landscape filled with fresh and exciting opportunities, you feel like you are maximizing your full potential and serving the planet with your very own unique set of gifts, you love more, you receive more, you breathe more, you say yes more, you are confident, you trust the universe and the flow of life, you are making avalanches of money for it is divine substance affirming your contribution and willingness to give and receive, you experience prosperity all around you, you are alive and embodied with spirit, you appreciate and have gratitude for each experience, you are empowered, you know joy.

Envisioning great health for you,

Dr. Leslie Hewitt

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